Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tennis Anyone?

I've been spending my summer gearing up for the approaching Fall tennis league. June was warm, July was hot, but August had been down right brutal. It is absolutely horrid out there. I also changed tennis pros and my new pro is much harder on me than my last. He is young, fit, and loves drills in the middle of the afternoon. "Cardio Tennis" is what he calls it. I refer to it as "Death Tennis."

However, my game is improving. I plan on hitting the courts again this evening. My husband also loves to play and I'm planning on crushing him. We are both competitive but we aren't like some of those couples. You know them, where they yell or truly get moody if the other wins. Talk about uncomfortible. My husband and I like to kid around and are good sports. We laugh a lot but there are victory dances involved.

I came across these old pictures and thought it would be fun to post them for all to see. I'm soooo happy that tennis fashions have changed. I don't think I could survive playing a game in a dress. I especially love the hat.

Look at these tennis shoes!!! Are you serious? How on earth could you play in those? However, my favorite picture is below. What a hoot and quite daring. At times I feel that type of stress when I'm on the court.

Wishing y'all a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. The fashion of yesterday is lovely but not always practical or comfortable. Good luck with your Fall league!

    Too funny ... just before I popped onto your blog, I made a tennis date with my husbandffor this week:)


  2. I have never learned but wanted to. I love the old pictures.

  3. Such fashionable pictures of this sport!