Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back 2 School Dinner

My husband started his first day back to school today. This will be his second year of law school. I'm hoping that this year will go by as quickly as his first. It is hard to believe that after this semester he'll be halfway complete with his law education. The sooner the better. :) My husband is an older student and works in health care. He has hit a point in his career where he needs his law degree to expand his business for future opportunities. He attends school full time as well as runs his business. He actually services his accounts between classes and school work. It has been difficult but we knew it was going to be a challenging 3 years. However, the payoff will be well worth it. Just running the marathon itself can be exhausting.

I used old books, an apple, and his graduation photo from his MBA as the centerpiece.

I purchased new place mats and these adorable apple napkin rings from Pier 1 Imports. I instantly fell in love with the apple napkin rings and thought they would be perfect for a "Back 2 School" theme.

I came across this Thomas Jefferson quote and thought it would be a nice inspiration to start off the new school year. Having the right mind set can truly move mountains.

I made some of his favorite dishes; baked pecan chicken, scallop potatoes, lemon basil zucchini, and a coconut key lime pie for dessert. I purchased the graham cracker crust but made the pie and whip cream myself.

My husband loves German wines.

I wish everyone with students and teachers in their homes a truly wonderful and blessed school year.


  1. What a wonderful dinner and so heartfelt. Very nice.

  2. Girl, it's a good thing I've had dinner or I'd be drooling! That's a menu to die for! And your table is gorgeous! You're soooo creative!

    Love your positive outlook. Yep, you're right, gotta slug it out if you wanna enjoy the rewards later. My father was kinda in the same boat as your hub (but waaay back) when he went to LSU law school. It's gonna be worth it (and these will be the good ole days!)

  3. It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. What a lucky husband! Your celebration looks so sweet and that meal sounds amazing.

    I go back to school in less than two weeks. Will you make me this fabulous dinner too? :)


  5. What a wonderful way to start the school year. the chicken sounds amazing. I am leaving you an award tomorrow.

  6. What a really sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do for your non traditional student. Good luck to your hubby in his second year of law school. Would love for you to share your recipe for pecan chicken.... :)