Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We are going to state!!!

Sorry I've been MIA but I've been just trying to keep my head above water these days (schedule wise). My husband started back as a 2nd year law student, my tennis league started up again, and I'm just trying to hold down the fort. Time just keeps slipping by faster and faster these days.

I'm excited to say that my tennis team is going to state. We are undefeated!!! However, we will now be going up against stronger players from the entire state of Mississippi. I'm nervous as this will be my first time competing at this level. I've been playing about 5x a week. I met a great gal at my tennis club that just moved from Birmingham, Alabama. She's really sweet and a good player. We've been playing every Monday morning (singles). I also play a Round Robin group (ladies), meet with my tennis pro, and play with my husband. I've got tennis fever. I can't get enough of it and now that I know that I'm going to state I want to win. Yes, I'm very competitive.

A couple of weeks ago I was playing doubles with a group of ladies. I thought I had it in the bag as the opponents were much older. My partner and I were much younger than they were but they were stronger players. They really ate our lunch with those moves. However, there was one ball that one of the older lady's had spiked over the net. At this point I just couldn't let them have this last point (it was hurting my pride). It was nearly an impossible shot to return but I went for it. When I reached for it I fell backwards as I put all my strength into it. I fell smack on my back. Everyone was concerned that I got hurt and as they checked on me all I was able to say is, "Was it in?" That got the entire court and the court next to us laughing.

The night I won my last game
(Yes, I have braces. I should be getting them off soon and I can't wait)