Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Bedroom

I'm finally starting to post some pictures of the house. Sorry it took so long. Things have been pretty hectic ever since my husband started law school. However, we are both in disbelief that this first semester is coming to an end so quickly. We still have until the first few weeks of December left but it'll be here before we know it. Thank goodness!!!

My husband just completed his mid term exams two weeks ago. They hold mid term exams on Saturdays to not interrupt the class time during the week. For 3 Saturdays in a row he had to get up early in the morning and drive down to the school. Not to mention all the homework he had on top of studying for the exams. Poor guy has a brief he's working on at the moment. However, we did get out this past Friday. One of his buddy's from school is in a blues band. We drove down on Friday night and hung out with a group from school to watch them play. They are really fun. The band is called, "Blind Dog Otis." If y'all are ever in Jackson, Mississippi you should look them up. They play often at the local venues.

With hubby up to his eyeballs in text books and writing papers, that leaves me running pretty much everything else.  My cup has runneth over. I've been trying to organize the house, run errands, attend social functions, exercise, and help with our business. I still haven't joined the ladies group to play tennis yet. I feel horrible everytime they send me a text to ask if I'm ready to join. Honestly, my days have been flying by and before I know it it's time for bed (and the cycle repeats itself the following day). Do y'all ever feel like this too? I need a vacation just to unplug from the world and collect my thoughts.

At least we have a relaxing bedroom. I finally put the finishing touches and thought I'd post some pictures. I know a few of you asked me to post some pictures when the house was finally put together. I am a bit late in posting but better than never, right?

My husband picked out this bed himself. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but now that we've had it for a bit I must say it has grown on me. It's extremely comfy and I love California Kings. We use to have a small queen size bed back in our tiny San Francisco apartment . My husband is a big guy 6"1 around 230 lbs. He's not fat but has a muscular build like a football player. He use to play Rugby in college. Can you imagine sharing a qeen size bed with him? I hardly had a place to sleep, Ha!

This is an antique lamp I purchased at an estate sale back in Houston, Texas. I just fell in love with it and had to buy it. It reminds me of our trip to Rome. I had to replace the lamp shade that originally came with it. It was hideous. I found two fabulous shades at Tuesday Mornings. Does anyone else love that store? It's one of my favorites. I don't think I've ever shopped there and left empty handed.

I love to use old antique books as accessories when decorating. We have a ton of them and instead of just collecting dust on the bookshelves I try to incorporate them so they are seen. It gives the room an old world feel that I love. I also used a hand painted Italian plate that I picked up at an estate sale. Also, in Houston, Texas.

Nothing brightens up a room and makes it cheerful than fresh flowers. If it was up to me I'd fill every room in the house with fresh floral arrangements.

This is our fireplace in the bedroom. My husband would prefer a flat screen television above it but I try to keep electronics out of the bedroom. If not, we'd stay up past our bedtime watching our favorite programs. I purchased the mirror at an antique shop in Austin, Texas.

This is my favorite accent of the fireplace. My fire screen. I found it at a little shop oin Westheimer (Houston, Texas). It caught my eye but I didn't have a place for it. Then we purchased the bedroom set and I knew I had to have it. However, at the time we didn't have a fireplace in our bedroom suite. I was beyond thrilled when we moved into this house to have a designated place for it.

My husband was sold on this bookcase. It matches our bedroom set perfectly. And now he has a place to store all of his law books. He often reads in bed so it really works out. I'm not sure if you can see the Eiffel Tower clock located on the top shelf. That was a wedding gift from a friend. My husband and I got engaged in Paris and a month before our wedding she had traveled to Paris. It's a lovely clock but honestly I never know where to put it. Does anyone have an item like that? You like it, it has a special meaning, but you don't have a place for it? I'm always moving that thing around.

I adore my miniature portraits. I would love to collect more but only have three at the moment. When I tell people that I love to collect them they often think I'm speaking of miniatures. Not the same thing! Miniature portraits are hand painted portriats from the 16th, 17th, and 18th century. Most commonly found in Europe. The one in the middle is a portrait of Napoleon. The frame is damaged so I'm assuming that's how I got it at such a great price. The other two came from London. My husband gave them to me for Christmas. Hopefully, this Christmas I'll find another under the tree. What sort of things do you wish to start collecting?

Thank you for touring my bedroom. I hope that you like it. Not very grand but it's cozy enough.

Wishing y'all a fantastic week ahead.


  1. My days are always crazy! I feel like I hit the ground running on Monday morning and don't stop until Friday night! Your place looks great.

  2. I actually really love your bed! And I must ask--what color did you paint your walls? It is the perfect neutral.
    And yes...I feel like 2011 has flown by...seems that there is never enough time to accomplish what I want to each week!

  3. It is beautiful. And I agree very peaceful

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments ladies. Petunia, the color of the walls are called, Bridgewater Tan by Behr.

  5. I've always thought a fireplace in the bedroom would be so luxurious. I love it. The lamp is a really nice touch. I like it a lot.

    I've sort of let any sort of decorating or anything go. I think it's different when you have your own house (something to look forward to for sure) as opposed to an apartment that you know is temporary (or maybe I'm just lazy?). With traveling for the holidays and such right around the corner and my lease up shortly after that I'm afraid I'm really not very "Martha Stewart" in the home these days :/.

    Have a good week :-)