Friday, May 25, 2012


SERIOUSLY???!!! C'mon!!! I'm starting to believe that there is someone who works for blogger that is trying to make me crazy. My old blog wasn't allowing me to post pictures so I decided to open this blog. Then this blog told me that I'd be charged if I were to download pictures to it. Now it's allowing me to post again. Blogger, if you are reading this I give up (waving my white flag).

Y'all who are faithfully following me probably think I'm a crazy woman by now. I don't know why these things only happen to me but the universe finds it comical to do so. Therefore, I'm grateful if y'all hang in there with me.

My first REAL post since I had my technical issues. I thought I'd just see if I couldn't post my Biloxi pictures and they went through so "Whoot, Whoot" to that. I'm so happy if I can start using this blog again because it has become my favorite and I share all my Mississippi experiences on here. Lets cross our fingers that the techincal curse has been lifted.

This past Spring things have been super busy. My husband completed his first year of law school. We were happy that first year is over with. First year is the most difficult year out of all three. They lost 22 students in all. I can't imagine going through the LSAT and the entire acceptance process to fail out. That would be horrible. I'm just really proud of my hubby that he made it. Considering that the final exams were really stressful, I thought we'd head down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a couple of days to relax. It was perfect weather and we had a nice time. However, it made me miss the old Biloxi that I remember before Katrina. The old Southern homes, big lush trees, and clean beaches. It's built up quite a bit since the storm. It's still a great getaway but it's just different now. I'm happy to see that some people came back and rebuilt their big southern style homes.


  1. Don't you just love southern homes, Gigi? They are just so charming. Glad your hubby made it through the first year. Good luck on the next 3! Thanks for stopping by! let me know if you ever go to Natchez.....Christine

  2. What gorgeous homes! It sounds like y'all had a wonderful time, and congrats to your hubs for finishing his first year of law school!

  3. Those homes are beautiful. I am glad y'all had a few quiet days after exams. One day I will make it to the MS coast.

  4. Congrats to your hubby for making it thru that tough first year. (My attorney father said the first year was the most stressful.) And big applause for you. Behind every successful man . . . .

    Know what you mean about the Gulf!!!

    But, OMG, charging to download pics! Yipes. Google has a split personality, LOL.

  5. Blogger has been weird for a month or so. I've barely blogged lately because of it. I did find your other blog a few days ago, but I'm glad to see you're back! Love your pictures of the grand Biloxi homes. I was there many years ago, and remember the beautiful antebellum homes.

    Congrats to your hubby on completing that first tough year! Glad to see you back here too!