Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mississippi Museum of Art

I spent a fabulous afternoon touring the Mississippi Museum of Art with a friend of mine. My friend is not only one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet but a successful attorney and gifted artist. Her house is filled with beautiful paintings she has created through the years. Her art studio in her house is amazing. I would kill to have her art studio at my house. 

I've toured museums all over the country and in Europe. I'm so impressed with our little Jackson museum. I must say, there is some true talent in Mississippi. I think Mississippi often is underestimated for it's uniqueness. Mississippi is full of artist, writers, musicians, inventors, medical researchers, agriculture, oil & gas, etc. There's a lot of international business as well that takes place here in this little ole state. I'll have to do a post of some amazing facts that will knock your socks off about Mississippi sometime.

My friend introduced me to Glennray Tutor's work today. He lives in Oxford, Mississippi. I'm really amazed with his paintings. It's so life like. It truly feels like if I were to reach my hand out I could touch the object. His work is so much fun and makes me happy.

Currently I've become interested in photography. I loved touring the photo exhibits.  They even have an entire Southern wall dedicated to Mississippi photographers. Some of my favorites were taken in the Mississippi Delta. There is no other region like the Delta in all of United States. It's a very poor area of our nation but also holds much of history. That's where Blues music was born. You can even tour the legendary Blues Trail through the state. Stopping at Morgan Freeman's blues club . Here's a link to the blue's trail

I encourage everyone to get out and visit their local art museums. It's amazing the talent you find all around your community.

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  1. Very interesting post, Gigi. Oh please let me know when you go to Natchez. I would love to meet you too.there are a lot of interesting historical sites in Natchez too.. I am still in Fl but will be home after 2/10. Have you ever been to Natchez?