Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed

We had a wonderful Christmas. I absolutely enjoy this festive season but I'm embracing my structured life with my daily routines once again. The past six weeks or so have been hectic and exhausting. We've had traveling, hosting a Christmas party, attending parties, dinners, events, baking, shopping, and final exams. I believe we need this week in order to catch our breath. My hubby is actually fast asleep at the moment in his big leather recliner. Poor Dear, he has earned a day off after this past semester and holiday season.

This Christmas we decided to visit family earlier this month and spend the actual holiday at home. We didn't want to spend it fighting the traffic getting home (nothing restful about that). I'm happy we did because the weather hasn't been all that great. It's been cold and raining. However, it does give that winter feeling that goes along with Christmas. The past few years we've been in Texas and it doesn't feel much like Christmas when it's sunny and in the high 70s. This year seemed a bit more festive.

We had Christmas morning at our house and then met a friend (who's an international law student) for a Chinese Christmas dinner. She was planning on spending Christmas alone this year (her 2nd Christmas in the United States). Well, we couldn't have that so we treated her to a Chinese feast. We had Peking duck, seafood noodle soup, Sweet & Sour Chicken, fried rice, etc. We had so much food that I'm still stuffed thinking about it, Ha!

Afterwards we shopped in the Chinese market and she bought us some Chinese bubble tea. It's my newest favorite drink. Love the little black rice balls. They look like black pearls. I had mine hot but hubby had his cold. It was fun to try Chinese candy and hear of her culture. I felt like I was back in school on a field trip. We treated her to a movie, The Adventures of TinTin. She loved it. It was such a fun Christmas. One for the books.

My husband also surprised me with a new iPad 2. I'm typing from it at the moment. Trying to learn how to use it. Very similar as my iPhone but there's still new things to learn. It's got a pink cover and all. Love him! Also, he gave me more Barbies. I collect retro Barbies. I'll share pictures with y'all. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well.


  1. Oh my, what a great sounding Christmas. So wonderful to spend it with your Friend and enjoy her culture plus giving her such a lovely Christmas.

    Thanks also for your gracious comments on my family and Christmas. My son sells some of his guitars if your DH is interested just email me. Hope you have a restful week. Hugs, Marty

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. So nice that you spent time with that young lady. I have no doubt it made for a special Christmas for her.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I had to drive in the rain both ways to see family so not fun.
    I want the John Besh cookbook. You will have to let us know how good it is.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, How nice of you to keep a friend company. I love bubble tea. I like it flavored and with crushed ice. I have a wonderful Christmas too although I feel bad not spending it with my hubby. I am with my daughter ini FL and she just had her baby the day after Christmas. I hope you'll come to meet her on my blog. happy New Year! Btw, I am also typing from my ipad2 but I got it since they first came out. Love your house!

  5. Your tree is gorgeous!! Happy to hear you had such a great Christmas. You are totally right about the traveling-I am very blessed that I've traveled so much this year and also for the holidays to be with loved ones, but I am exhausted! I feel like I've kept my suitcase out for the last 4 months.
    I LOVE the Barbies! I like your hubbys pjs pants too! I gave me bf pj pants this year as part of his Christmas. :-)