Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in Mississippi

Fall has finally reached Dixie. However, the temperatures have been back and forth. It really hasn't felt much like fall around here. Today was 70. And the other day 80!!! It's hard to get festive when it's so warm outside. However, we managed to have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday anyway.

The past couple of weeks have flown by. I couldn't believe that we were celebrating Thanksgiving once again. We entertained some of the law students who didn't have a home to go to during this holiday. It was so much fun just getting to know everyone better. I learned a lot and we found out how much we had in common. I believe it made us closer friends and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to host Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year.

I don't believe I've shared pictures of my dining room with y'all yet. The house didn't have a dining room but had this grand sun room. Since my table was very large I desperately needed the room so I converted the sun room into our dining area. And since I love plantations I tried to keep an old Southern feel when decorating.

I purchased these at a antique shop near the house. They reminded me of some of the portraits of the children in the plantation houses we visited in Natchez.

I started using my Johnson Brothers plates for our Thanksgiving setting. The pattern is called Heritage Hall. I just love the scenes on them. The salad plate is suppose to be of New Orleans.

This is our fountain. Instead of putting it outdoors I decided to place it inside the sun room/dining room. It is so relaxing to push open the french doors and be able to read a book lounging in the living room while listening to the fountain. It's especially nice to be dining with friends with light jazz music and the fountain in the background. It feels as if we are having dinner in the French Quarter but it's our house.

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. Beautiful table settings i like the leaves and the couple. And you live in the most wonderful house.
    Happy thanksgiving to you

  2. I love your china cabinet and crystal that's inside it. Looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving. We finally got some fall weather here. It feels like it went from being summer weather to winter actually, all over night. Still going to post some hair from my Pinterst I thought you might like. And yes, where has the time gone and this year? Can't believe it's almost 2012! Have a good rest of your week.

  3. Your house is beautiful and love your wonderful table and the lovely portraits.
    the Autumn leaves are gorgeous.
    We have changeable weather here too, it is raining and not very warm and not like how summer should be.

    Happy new week