Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Nutcrackers

I just wanted to share with y'all my new Thanksgiving nutcrackers. Aren't they adorable! They were too cute to pass up. I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. Bring on the Fall!!!


  1. A California gal saying, "Ya'll!" I love it. Thanks for your visit to my blog today. I love your photos and that music is just the BEST!!!
    Come back now darlin'!

  2. I love them ~ I'm going to keep my eyes open for them around my area!


  3. I don't think I have seen the Thanksgiving ones before - cute!
    Thanks for stopping by and kind words. The whole ordeal has been a nightmare. :(

  4. Your nut crackers are really cute, Gigi. I am not too sure about the olives yet but I th ink I will leave it in the pot, maybe at least until spring. I don't even know what zone we're in, is it 7? Anyway, I was researching the web and came across this.

  5. I love them. My boss in high school had nutcrackers for every season

  6. Yes, please bring on fall!!

    Your nutcrackers are too cute!!

    Have you gotten into Pintrest yet?

    p.s. I'm loving the Chobani pineapple yogurt-perfect alternative to junk food when you want that late afternoon snack.