Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm putting the final touches on my dinning room and then hopefully move into the kitchen. I seriously thought that the house would have been completed weeks ago. We have been working around the clock trying to get all of our affairs in order before school starts. We've heard horror stories regarding the first year of law school (A LOT of studying). That means our entire schedule will be eaten up with school activities and running our business. That doesn't leave a lot of time working on the house or anything at all.

My list still has many things left to do on it so I'm trying to fit everything in and my days have been stretching into weeks.This summer has been flying by. And the heat hasn't been helping as it has been making me exhausted. We've been dealing with a heat wave that seems to be bouncing between Texas and the South like an intense tennis match. One week it'll be in Texas and then the next we'll get it. Blah!

With this heat I haven't been spending much time in the yards. However, my husband and I have been working on the lawn. The house had been vacant for nearly 9 months before we moved in. The grass had some serious brown patches. I'm happy to report it is now a normal color of green. It has taken a lot of watering and fertilizer but it finally filled in nicely. I even purchased some gorgeous pots. The really large ones that are pricey at nurseries. This is the time of year to buy things for the yards. Everything is either half price or on clearance. You can save yourself a little fortune if you are willing to buy at the end of the season.

I'm really excited about planting this fall. I've been dying to plant hydrangeas and I found the best place in the back yard. It's perfect! I thought  at first that I missed the cut off to plant them but in the region they do best if I plant them in the fall. I didn't realize that you could plant hydrangeas in the fall. Did you? I have so much to learn but at least I don't have to wait an entire two seasons before I can enjoy them. They are my absolute favorite. I just love the big fluffy pedals. The mopheads and lacecaps are my favorites. What are your favorites and what flower do love to see in your yards?


  1. I will have one of those cupcakes

  2. So pretty!
    We are finally in full bloom here. I have them in almost every room. A real sign of summer's arrival.


  3. I love hydrangeas! My tablescape this week featured them.

    It's exciting to hear about your plans. I'd love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays one of these days.

    - The Tablescaper